Assoc. Dr. Muzaffer Celik

Over 25 Years of Experience, Over 10,000 Successful Surgeries

Assoc. Prof. Completed his education in America. Dr. Muzaffer Çelik entered the world literature with 8 new surgical techniques and published around 20 national articles. He is among the most successful plastic surgeons in the field of Facial-Maxillofacial Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery.

Assoc. Dr. Muzaffer Çelik has performed more than 10,000 successful surgeries from past to present. In addition, the techniques used by Muzaffer Çelik in surgeries have been included in world literature and used as examples.

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Learn all your questions about the Jaw, Face, Nose and Skull from our doctor. Doctor Muzaffer Çelik is a highly preferred doctor in the field of surgery.

Assoc. Dr. Muzaffer Celik

Face, Skull and Jaw Surgery and Rhinoplasty

Surgical Techniques in the Literature

Shortly after our establishment, many new surgical techniques described in Kranioplast entered the world literature.

Bilimsel Çalışmalar

Assoc. Dr. Muzaffer Çelik has numerous scientific studies that make significant contributions to the world of medicine and has many scientific articles published in America and Turkey.

Basında Biz

Cranioplast and Assoc. Dr. Muzaffer Çelik has appeared in many newspapers and news with his successful transactions and work.


What is Facial Surgery? What are their contents?

Craniofacial surgical The word is known as skull, face and jaw surgery. It covers congenital and acquired aesthetic abnormal problems and is a pioneering method in eliminating the aesthetic problems that occur. This type of surgery plastic surgery has gained an important place in its field.

Facial surgery the main areas of impact are as follows;

Cleft Lip

Cleft Palate

Late Deformities of Lip and Palate Tears


What is Skull Surgery?

Skull treatment It is performed by a few centers in the world. It is a type of surgery performed to eliminate congenital or acquired deformities. Contrary to popular belief, it can be easily solved using various methods.


More Successful Surgery


Over Years of Experience

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What is Jaw Surgery?

The jaw skeleton may show different developmental states in individuals. The lower and upper jaw positions may not be in a certain proportion. The lower and upper jaw structure can be below, above and to the side independently of each other. Apart from this, it can be seen in small or large structure.

Jaw structures that differ from each other can cause various complications such as deterioration of facial aesthetics and bite disorders.

The following problems can often be seen in the facial skeleton and jaws;


What is Rhinoplasty? How is Plastic Surgery Performed?

Nasal structures may vary among individuals depending on racial and regional differences. Deteriorations in nasal structures may occur due to natural causes and developmental problems. Noses with different structures create effective situations in people's social lives.

Thanks to the computerized facial analysis system, the desired nose structure surgery is decided. An ideal nose job skin structures play an important role in humans. Thin-skinned nasal structures give more successful results.

Nose surgery can be performed from the age of 15. This procedure can also be applied to people who have breathing problems.

In nose surgeries, procedures such as nose tip shape correction, collapse, and cartilage correction can be performed.

What is the Discharge and Recovery Time After Nose Surgery?

Our patients who have nose surgery can be discharged that day or the next day. Swelling and bruises around the eyes subside within 3 to 4 days.

Assoc. Dr. Muzaffer Celik

Our clinic is Kranioplast and Assoc. Dr. Please Watch Our Video to Get Information About Muzaffer Çelik's Surgical Techniques, Scientific Studies and Achievements in the Literature.

Assoc. Dr. Muzaffer Çelik has achieved many important successes from past to present. Having more than 25 years of experience in the field  Assoc. Dr. To contact Muzaffer Çelik, contact us through the communication channels on our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no extreme pain after the surgery. It may be necessary to breathe through the mouth due to the use of a tampon.

The surgery takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. This period may vary depending on the operating status.

Facial lacerations are negative situations that can occur in human life, such as motor vehicles, work injuries, bicycle accidents and assault. It is possible to repair the damage thanks to craniofacial surgery techniques.

Serious facial injuries have various consequences. The most important of these is the incision of the facial nerve and its branches. If this condition is not treated, partial or total facial paralysis may occur.

Congenital deformities in babies can be easily treated. In this case of treatment, early diagnosis is very important.

Jaw structures with different forms can create various problems. The main effects may be biting difficulties, deterioration of the aesthetic facial appearance and deterioration of the functions of the jaw joint due to strain.

One of the most common situations is that the lower jaw is smaller than normal. The jaw bone can be advanced with the chin tip treatment method.

In some cases, lip and palate tears may occur in babies. It is possible for these tears to be treated. The main goal of this procedure is to restore lip muscle functions and ensure normal speech.

Learn all your questions about the Jaw, Face, Nose and Skull from our doctor.

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Plastic Surgery Since 1996

Muzaffer Çelik, who makes a difference with his history of more than 10000 successful surgeries, is one of the leading names in aesthetic and plastic surgery. He continues to make original signatures in face, jaw, nose and skull aesthetics with treatment methods that have entered the world literature.

Aesthetic surgery may not be used only for appearance beauty purposes. It is a successful way to prevent possible medical disorders. You can make an appointment to get rid of your health concerns and have the look you dream of.

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    Since 1991, I have improved the knowledge received at the university and increased my qualification level.


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